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Align Digestive Support Advanced Probiotic Supplement Capsules

The Align® Companion: Week 2

In the swing of things. If you have been taking Align® every day, you should be noticing that it’s easy to add Align to your daily routine. You’re working to help support your gastrointestinal health, so keep it up.


  • Find time for a nap. Take a 10-minute escape and close your eyes for a quick power nap. Even if you don’t fall asleep, the rest will energize the rest of your day.
  • Take the stairs after lunch. Skip the elevator after lunch to help get your digestion moving. A short burst of activity will increase your breathing and heart rate. Be sure to seek out your physician's advice before beginning a new fitness routine.


Try this short routine by simply walking out your front door or hopping on a treadmill. You’ll burn calories, relieve stress, and help aid digestion. Remember, seek your physician’s advice before beginning any new exercise routine.

  1. Start with a five-minute warm-up. Walk at a casual pace on flat ground or a slight incline.
  2. Pick up your pace to moderate intensity for 10 minutes. Remember to stand tall, keeping your head up and your chest lifted. Keep your arms bent at 90 degrees and close to your body as you swing them back and forth. For a more intense workout, climb a hill or raise the incline.
  3. Cool down for five minutes. Slow down to a casual pace, decrease your incline, and let your heart rate slow to normal.

Challenge yourself and commit to good health during your first eight weeks of taking Align.

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